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Elli J. Beauty

Spicy Brain Stickers for Autism

Spicy Brain Stickers for Autism

Autism is a huge part of our world at Elli J. Beauty. We are a neurodivergent family, myself included. Both of my children, including Elli J. herself are autistic. I have always referred to our special brains as “spicy brains” that just see and feel things a bit differently. And because there is nothing wrong with some spice! One night I asked my husband to draw me a tattoo, a Carolina Reaper pepper that also looked like a brain - to symbolize my brain in a way that I could be explain it. And here it is. In sticker form now.

The term “spicy brain” umbrellas the neurodivergent community, those struggling with mental health, and those who maybe have been made to feel unseen or invalidated. I want to be an advocate for those who are different and scream from the rooftops that the things that make you special, wonderful, and authentic are the BEST parts of you - even in a society that may try to dull the brightest parts of you. 

Last April, we were able to donate $1150 between The Autism Self Advocacy Network and the Autistic Women and Non-Binary Network. (Thank you to Declan’s Mining Co. for partnering with us and contributing to our mission of helping support these two amazing organizations) 

Acceptance is the real need. Understanding, inclusion, support. I am fighting for my children to grow in a world that is those things.

These stickers continue to be available and all of the profits will be donated to Autistic-ran organizations or used to provide tools/resources for neurodivergent youth in struggling communities.

So if you or a loved one has a “spicy brain” or you simply want to show your support, grab a sticker! We appreciate you so much.

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