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about us

about us

Elli J. Beauty is a small, yet impactful, female-owned independent makeup and skincare company, whose mission is to provide more inclusivity, acceptance, and creativity for others through top-quality and high-performing products.

I strive to produce products that cater to all beauty-lovers, of all skin types, ethnicities, ages, genders, budgets, skill levels, and lifestyles. Trying to appeal to everyone while having products that don’t necessarily work for everyone, leaves those who don’t fit into the “majority” feeling excluded. With over 16 years working, and 18 years studying in the beauty industry, I have spent half of my life working with cosmetics and skincare, under various roles, and working on all different types of people.

Inclusion is needed, diversity is needed, highlighting ALL people within the beauty space is needed. How do we bring change that is so desperately needed in one of the biggest industries in the world? We talk less and listen more. We search for the biggest gaps, and we fill them. We find the consumers who feel like they’re being missed, ignored, or simply unheard, and we validate them with CHANGE.

While I have a plethora of experience when it comes to products, research and development, and marketing, my biggest skill is advocating for others who feel invisible. That’s what I plan to do through the power of my products, my platforms, and my passion. The customers who will benefit most from my products, are those who have been searching for a wider range of inclusive products. The woman in her late 40’s who is tired of buying powders meant for 20 somethings that dry her skin out, I’ve got her covered. The young man who has been sneaking his mom’s makeup for years and is finally ready to start wearing his own but doesn’t know where to start, I’ve got him covered. The professional makeup artist looking for universal products for their kit, I’ve got them covered. The new-to-makeup teens who needs the basics, I’ve got them covered. The women of color who need a brand that has eyeshadows that pop on deeper complexions, I’ve got them covered. I have spent years researching the flaws in the industry, in the products, in the ingredients, and in the performance of it all.

I strive to always treat all people like priorities, not just people who are similar to me. “Makeup without boundaries” is my tagline, and I couldn’t be more passionate about that message.




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