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Mon Amour Half Lash Book
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Mon Amour Half Lash Book

Mon Amour Half Lash Book

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If you know…YOU KNOW.

This lash book was inspired by my favorite movie and 90’s classic, Empire Records! Rex Manning Day is April 8th so naturally we wanted to release the preorder today! 

This lash book includes 5 gorgeous, vegan-friendly, handmade 3D faux mink half lashes. 

Half lashes are worn on the outer corner of your eye, adding a more subtle look compared to a bolder, full strip lash.

Half lashes are an amazing way to introduce false lashes to beginners, and the perfect way to kick up your eye looks.

All 5 styles are named for Empire Records characters and each style adds a unique flare.

*Lashes do not come with adhesive

*Recommended: Our Latex Free Adhesive (available in black and clear) 


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