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I am so overwhelmingly stoked that everyone can finally see this nostalgic, 90’s energy, grunge palette of our dreams ! @ashslays_xx is a true inspiration, a phenomenal artist, and a pure soul and I am HONORED - to not only have someone so stellar love and create magic with my products, but to get to put our creative spicy brains together and make this happen. Making her vision come to life was so much fun. We hope you love this grunge girlie collaboration !

15 stunning shades | 10 velvety mattes & 5 soft, buttery duochromes to create a limitless variety of glam from soft natural to deep, smokey, drama.

Here is Ashley’s inspiration for this epic color-story:

Mary: “This shade is the most important shade to me. It’s named after my grandmother. Her favorite color is purple. She’s my best friend, the keeper of all my secrets, and the woman who’s held us all together.”

Edgy: We all at some point or another have wanted to be a little bit edgy, unique, different, and stand out of the crowd. That’s where the name came from was that aspiration to stand out. The color orange is often not on the top of someone’s favorite color list, except mine lol. I thought it would be the perfect shade name to start off the palette.

Nostalgia: This palette in general is meant to make you feel all the nostalgia of the grunge era. The 90’s grunge. I chose this name for this shade because it starts the duochrome row off. It has a gold and soft pink shift. Reminding me of all the carefree “golden” days of the 90’s

Rebel: This shade is most definitely the boldest shade in the palette. It’s a way to rebel against normality, to help you break out of your shell and be bold. To try something new.


Vintage: This shade reminded me of all the clothes and shoes, and merch that we’ve had, that just sat and collected dust. The same clothes that are now back in style to the new generation and relabeled as “vintage”

Thrifted: Grunge fashion is often characterized by  thrifted clothes. Up-cycling your thrift store finds into edgy outfits. This shade is perfect for softening blends and “up-cycling” a dark grunge into a soft grunge easily!

Record: “Growing up in the 80’s & 90’s seeing your parents and grandparents have a wicked collection of records that once again we weren’t allowed to touch. All the records with all the best bands playing on the record player. This shade is reminiscent to all the records that are now not as popular due to streams.”

Torn: “Torn jeans were the sign you had a favorite pair of jeans in the 90’s. You wore them till they were literally falling apart. That’s what this shade represents. An ode to all the jeans we wore till they couldn’t be worn again.🤣”

Poe: “This shade reminded me of a Raven. Therefore reminding me of Edgar Allen Poe and the ways his writings became a figure for gothic fiction, and the ways his short stories still influences art today.”

Antique: “This soft pink shade is gorgeous! And I know we all had that grandma or relative that had the crazy antiques and china we weren’t allowed to touch or look at too long lol. This shade just reminds me of soft grunge and all the antiques I wasn’t allowed to touch.”

Grungy: “This shade is just an overall ode to the grunge era and all the ways that it changed music, art, and fashion forever. Also the way grunge fashion and art is coming back mainstream.”

Angst: “I mean… this one is self explanatory. We all had that teenage angst that just never went away right? Always worrying and overthinking? Just me… okay lol. I made this shade green to remind myself to stop worrying and to grow through what you go through.”

Platforms: “Platforms were THE wave in any grunge fashion. They were and still are a moment all on their own. They just make any outfit pop. That’s what this shade does, It makes any look pop.”


Band T: “A Band T is the STAPLE piece in any grunge outfit. Pair it with your favorite pair of jeans and a flannel and you’re ready to rock n roll! I chose this shade name for that reason. It’s a staple piece in an outfit and a gold shimmer is a staple in any palette!”

Riot: “Riot Grrrl was a movement created in the early 90’s that was started by a group of women who wanted to be heard. It challenged gender norms. Through the movement it helped to bring more representation in the music industry. Which would go on to inspire the next generation of female, and non binary artist. This shade is a reminder of the movement and a reminder of the ways that representation still matters.”


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