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Water-Activated Liner Palettes

Water-Activated Liner Palettes

Dive into a world of dramatic, high-impact looks with the Obsidian Water-Activated Paint Palette. This versatile palette features a bold color story, perfect for exploring a wide spectrum of creative possibilities—from grunge to glam, goth to sultry, and even spooky.

Versatile Shades: Perfect for a wide range of looks, from dark and mysterious to bold and vibrant.High Pigmentation: Rich, intense colors that deliver striking effects.

Rich, Deep Matte Black:** The ultimate in dramatic intensity.
Soft, Radiant Persian Red:** A subtle yet striking hue.
Cool, Light Matte Gray:** Perfect for soft, smoky looks.
Duochrome Gold/Peach:** Captivating color shifts for a magical touch.
Shimmering Pewter:** Adds a metallic, mystical edge.
Bold, Matte Candy Red:** Vibrant and eye-catching.
Deep, Satiny Blood Red:** Dark and seductive.
Bright, Matte White:** Crisp and clean for bold contrasts.

*Not intended for use IN waterline 



Unleash your inner artist with the Luna Water-Activated Paint Palette, a mystical and celestial mix of dreamy, fantasy-inspired eye and face paints. This palette brings bold enchantment and vibrant mysticism to your makeup routine.

Bold, Enchanting Multichromes: Experience captivating color shifts that transform your look.
Vibrant, Mystical Mattes: Achieve stunning, statement-making effects with ease.

1837 Blue (Tiffany):** A striking, classic blue.
Duochrome Champagne/Pale Pink:** Subtle elegance with a magical twist.
Bold, Matte Cobalt Blue:** Intense, vivid color.
Duochrome Teal/Blue:** Mesmerizing shifts of bright teal and blue.
Duochrome Gold/Peach:** Radiant gold transitions to soft peach.
Duochrome Rose Gold/Bronzed Peach:** Glamorous rose gold with a bronzed peach glow.
Duochrome Tan/Olive:** Unique, soft tan shifts to bright olive.
Bright, Matte Lilac:** Playful and bold lilac hue.

*Not intended for use IN the waterline

Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Calcium Carbonate, Arabic gum, Phenoxyethanol, Citric Acid, D&C RED No. 40, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Ingredient:Oxides, D&C Red No.6, D&C Yellow 10 AL LAKE, D&C Yellow 5, FD&C Blue 1 Al Lake. Iron Oxides:CI16035, C1 77891, C1 77499, CI 15850, C| 47005, C| 19410, C| 42090

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